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Why I do This Work  


I grew up in suburban America and lived a relatively conventional life until a debilitating depression in my mid 20's led me to examine myself with greater scrutiny. This initiated a 10 year journey of intense inner work. I discovered this healing modality in January of 2019 and its impact changed me and my life forever.


It was revealed that the greatest healing and deepest peace arises by simply accepting and owning the Truth about yourself. Doing this progressively removes the lies/blocks that we have all unwittingly bought into to protect ourselves, but which ultimately obstruct the limitless reservoir of Universal Love/Truth that is our birthright. The more of this energy we re-own, the more blessed our lives become and we achieve what all beings have sought since the beginning of time; Inner Peace, Unconditional Love and the highest Truth. This ceremony is one of the most effective ways I know for accepting and owning this Truth.


It is with this understanding that I have been called to work with any soul looking for healing and Inner Peace.

The ceremony is informed and inspired by the work and teachings of David Hawkins, Manfred Luck, Michael Singer, Byron Katie, Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung, The 12 Step Groups, and the Great Teachers: Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ.


All healing is ultimately due to the power of God/Love/Truth.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo! 


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