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Iboga Ceremonies

I charge a flat facilitation fee of $2,800/$4,000 for 4 day/7 day retreats. If you are traveling to me, this includes lodging and food.


It is generally less expensive to come to my location. However, if you are unable to travel, we can discuss having me come to your location. This would include additional travel fees depending on where you would like to have the retreat. 

Groups of 2

For Groups of 2, the flat facilitation fee comes down to $2,300/3,000 per person for 4 day/7 day retreats. 

Groups 3 +

For groups larger than 2, please contact me to discuss.

Healing Retreats (without an Iboga ceremony)

The length of these retreats can be tailored to your choosing with a minimum of 3 days (e.g. arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday evening) starting at $1,500 and $500 for each additional day. 

Note: If you truly can't afford this but still feel strongly called, let me know and we might be able to reach an agreement

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