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Phone Sessions  

While Iboga is a powerful tool for inner work, it is not my primary healing modality. My overarching passion is to help people confront and grow beyond the spiritual, mental and emotional trials of their lives by seeking the Truth through whatever means available. 

Living a human life can be challenging at the best of times. Without deliberate inner work, it can sometimes become downright hellish as many reading this will know well. But ultimately suffering is not your ultimate fate if you choose otherwise. 


Christ said "when two or three gather in my name, there am I among them." The Buddha named the Sangha (spiritual community) as one of the three pillars of the pathway out of suffering. In other words, when we confide in others in the name of Truth, healing is inevitable. Having ongoing support and feedback from another person can expedite our inner work and healing greatly. It would be my joy to serve you in that supporting role if you feel called. 

The phone sessions I facilitate are informed and influenced by a number of modalities including classical talk therapy (Jungian/Freudian), Radical Truth (Manfred Luck), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Quantum Techniques (QT), Sedona Method, Byron Katie's "The Work", past life research, and many others (See "About" page).

All of these modalities are employed within the highest context of the Great Spiritual Teachings, which have illuminated the pathway out of human suffering for millennia


In the end, willingness, humility and self-honesty is all you need. Humor and compassion ease the way significantly. 



I am available for phone sessions before and after a retreat or for anyone not participating in a retreat.


Sessions can be held over WhatsApp, Telegram, cell or video chat if you prefer. 

Payment can be made via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal.


I charge $100/hour with the first session included in the price of the retreat (if you have participated). Typically sessions last about an hour but can vary depending on what comes up. 

*As noted in the pricing page, if this cost is prohibitive for you let me know and we might be able to reach an agreement. 

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