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Healing Retreats

Heal in Beautiful Sedona

Many clients have said that the experiences and learning that happened independently of the ceremony were as beneficial or more so than the iboga ceremony itself. Therefore I also offer retreats for those not ready or interested in an Iboga ceremony, or for those wanting a deeper integration experience following a ceremony.


You can come for a weekend, week, or specific period of your choosing to slow down and go deep within. As with all the retreats I host, the schedule and activities will be tailored specifically to your needs and what is most appropriate for your healing. Whatever you're dealing with in life, we will use this time to work on what is blocking you and bring forth what is needed to meet that challenge. 


Below is a list of modalities and activities we can choose from during your personalized retreat.


  • One-on-one counseling (see "Phone Sessions" page)

  • Meditation training and practice

  • Journaling

  • Hiking and other outdoor activities in Sedona 

  • Massage therapy (by outside body worker at additional charge)

  • Cold therapy

  • Simple and healthy meals 

  • Evening walks & star gazing 

  • Uplifting Movie Night on the projector screen

  • Deep sleep and rest

  • Sharing of resources and materials for further education, integration and healing when the retreat is over 

There is no specific itinerary or agenda for these retreats as everyone will need different things at different times. Below is a sample schedule to give you a general idea of what is possible. 

*wake up times can be tailored to your body's needs 

8 AM: Wake up, hydrate and cold plunge followed by some light exercise or yoga to clear the energies of the night and get the body and mind ready for the day 

8:45: Enjoy a hot coffee or tea with breakfast

9:30: Take a hike on one of Sedona's beautiful trails while enjoying some deep conversation and delving into what might be confronting you at this time in your life

12:00: Return to the house for a shower and lunch. 

1:00: Nap, rest or meditation 

2:00: Watch a video or read a passage from a book relevant to your particular challenge or life question and discuss in depth 


4:00: Visit the local Stupa for walking meditation and contemplation 

5:00: Dinner and further discussion 

6:00: Movie night 

8:00: Bed/Quiet time


See pricing page for rates

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