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Iboga Ceremonies

4 or 7 Days of Profound Healing

Basic Logistics and Schedule


I offer both 4 day and 7 day retreats. 4 day retreats consist of 1 Ceremony and 7 day retreats consist of 2 Ceremonies. If this is your first experience I recommend the 7 day retreat. However, if you are limited by time or finances, 4 day retreats are still profoundly transformative.


Private ceremonies are currently held in Sedona, AZ. In special cases they can be held in another location of your choosing. The ideal location is somewhere you feel comfortable and will not be distracted by people or everyday responsibilities.

Day 1


I ask that you arrive in the late afternoon which will afford time to settle into the ceremony space. Ceremony begins around 8-9 PM and will go all night until the sun rises. Ceremony takes place in a communal room (such as a living room) where I am present with you the whole time, during which you will hear beautiful music from a variety of spiritual traditions. I am also available to guide you through a process to help you connect with your soul and find answers to question you bring.  

Day 2


At sunrise you will move to your bedroom where you can integrate your experience in private. People usually spend most of day 2 in silent reflection (sleeping is rare on day 2). I am available all day to support you should you want to discuss anything coming up.  During this time you will be very sensitive and your intuition can be strong and clear. It is also common for people to process deeply repressed emotions during this time. While challenging, this is an important part of the process as these deeply held energies are the source of pain and limitation. Use of electronic devices or any other outside distractions is strongly discouraged on day 2.

Day 3

This day is typically lighter as the energies from day 2 begin to release and you feel rejuvenated after some sleep. During this time you will still be sensitive and open but will have more energy. This day is about reflecting on your experience and spending some time in nature. I will usually take you on a hike or some other light physical activity (depending on what is available locally) where we can get fresh air and move our bodies. Your appetite will likely be stronger than day 2 so we will enjoy some nourishing meals and continue discussing what is coming up for you. Naps, rest and an early bedtime are all common on day 3.

Day 4

By day 4 most people begin to feel much stronger, clearer and peacefully grounded. We will enjoy a hearty breakfast and discuss any lingering questions you might have about the process and how to move forward. The retreat will end around noon for those doing a 4 day retreat. For those doing the 7 day retreat, the cycle will repeat with the second ceremony beginning at 8-9 PM that night (day 4).


Days 5-7 follow the same structure as 2-4 respectively.

NOTE: It's important to remember that this is just a general guideline. Everyone's experience and timing is different. Some people may require less time to complete the process. Very rarely will people need more time. The schedule can be adjusted as we go through the retreat.

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