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How To Prepare



Having decided to look at the Truth within, your process of healing has already begun. Even now, things are shifting within you for the better.


As the ceremony approaches, it's important to prepare your body, mind and soul. 


The more inner work you've done before your retreat, the deeper the healing will likely be.



It is of crucial importance to trust anyone with whom you decide to share your healing process. Therefore, if you feel called I am available for phone/zoom conversations before the ceremony. We can use these calls for any number of purposes including:


discussing your intentions, answering questions, learning more about the process, or simply getting to know each other.


 Helpful Practices 

 I suggest implementing the following for at least two weeks prior to your ceremony. 


  • Suggested Reading: "Letting Go" by David R Hawkins and "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer. Just reading the first couple chapters in either book will be a great start! 

  • Begin or end each day with 15-30 minutes of a reflective practice that feels good for you (meditating, journaling, contemplation, walking in nature, or simply sitting in silence).

  • Consume a healthy, whole food diet and limit processed foods (there is no strict or specific diet to adhere to prior to your ceremony). In general eat consciously.

  • Reduce time on social media, television, and electronic devices.

  • Move your body and embrace physical activity of any kind (running, dancing, walking, hiking, swimming, strength training, yoga, etc.).

  • Spend time alone in nature every day if you can.

  • Abstain from alcohol, street drugs and certain medications. Everyone must discuss their personal length of abstinence with me as different substances require different lengths of sobriety. 



Form Clear Questions and Intentions 


The weeks before your ceremony are a crucial time for reflection. Think about the things you wish to understand or heal in yourself. Set aside at least 15 minutes each day to contemplate these intentions (this can be step 2 listed above). 


As the weeks pass and you do this work, clear questions will begin to form in your heart about what you need to know in your life in order to find peace and joy. 


Start compiling a list of these questions as they form. During your ceremony, I am available to guide you within yourself to access the answers to your questions. 


The clearest answers usually come when questions are direct and simple.




Here are some good examples:


What is behind my fear of (blank)?

What lies am I telling myself or others?

What is causing my depression? 

How can I be a happier person? 

What brings me joy? 

How can I forgive myself or others?

What important task am I avoiding? 

What spiritual practices are good for me?

What am I?




Release Expectations 


Regarding the ceremony itself, there is no ‘correct’ way for the journey to unfold. This is an intimately personal experience and is therefore different for everyone.


Messages, insights and healing all come in various forms and we rarely get to consciously choose those forms. Their unique manifestation depends on what challenges we are currently facing, our particular Karmic proclivities, our intentions (either conscious or unconscious) and many other factors


Since no two journeys are the same, it is of limited value to read about other peoples’ experiences. Instead, focus your energy on releasing any expectations of how the ceremony should be. In doing this, you’ll allow yourself the space to have your own experience, without judgment or attachment.


 This can be very difficult

This is not always an easy process. Some have said its the hardest thing they've ever done in their lives.


It is the Truth that heals us and one hallmark of Truth is simplicity. Accepting one simple Truth is often all we need for profound and permanent healing. However, simple does not always mean 'easy'. Often the Truth can be painful to see and accept in the beginning.

"Enslavement by illusion is comfortable. It is the liberation by Truth that people fear" - David R. Hawkins


The deepest healing is often precipitated by accepting the most challenging Truths. This experience can reveal those Truths. 


Logistics & Payment

1) When you have confirmed your dates, please fill out this questionnaire.

2) Please confirm with me before booking your Airbnb. It should include a bedroom for each participant and myself, a common room, a kitchen, WiFi and ideally be in a quiet location.

3) If I need to check with my doctor about any medications you take, that will be an additional $50 fee.

4) To confirm the retreat and hold the date, I ask for a $500 deposit.

5) Balance can be paid upon arrival or the day before.

6) Payment is best made via Zelle, Check or Cash. Next best option is Paypal or Venmo. 

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